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$500K Or Dinner With Jay-Z Dilemma – Meme Goes Viral

A new meme went viral after asking to choose between $500K Or Dinner With Jay-Z. Furthermore, it looks like the rapper responded to this debate. 

This idea started this week when someone tweeted their thoughts on this dilemma. 

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He wrote in a tweet: “I’ll explain since most can’t comprehend. Dinner with Jay-Z is the better option over $500K because of the knowledge & expertise he has. He’ll give you the blueprint for being wealthy and successful. His knowledge will be worth more long term than the short term $500K.”

This tweet went viral and the users continued with another idea in his tweet that gained attention online.

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“I will take $500k over dinner with Jay-Z 100 out of 100 times. Write a book about how I took $500k over dinner with Jay-Z, make another $500k. Send ROC a management proposal. Meet Jay-Z. Give him a blueprint for an autobiography, discuss at dinner, close a $10m deal. Wake up!”

In other words, others wanted more clarity over what would happen in that dinner, and if it would be worth missing half a million dollars just for a meal. 

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Someone else tweeted:

“Ain’t no stipulations to this dinner or nothing. All Jay-Z gotta do is sit at the table & eat then leave. Don’t even gotta say a word. & y’all will be left with no knowledge and no 500K.”

Many others think differently about the debate $500K Or Dinner With Jay-Z.

That Jay-Z would also advise people to take the money over the meal. Someone wrote:

“Crying while eating my food at dinner with Jay Z cuz he won’t stop laughing at me for not taking the money,” while sharing a toddler in tears while eating. 

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The rapper appeared to be silent. It is thought that he shared his thoughts through the Tidal account. For instance, Tidal simply said, “Take the $500K.” This response became viral. 

In a word, many others think that Jay-Z is testing his fans through this.

$500K Or Dinner With Jay-Z Dilemma.