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30+ Maternity Looks From Celebrities That Showed Us How to Rock Pregnancy Style

All women know that when you get pregnant it is a real dilemma what to dress and how to be as much comfortable as you can.

As your belly grows, there are fewer clothes in your wardrobe to wear. Modern fashionistas offer many solutions and alternatives for mothers-to-be.

Celebrities are the first to set the lines as they have bigger clothing budgets and professional stylists.

But everyone can use their outfit inspirations to create the best maternity look and style.

This is one of the reasons we collected the most amazing 30 pregnant celebrities and their amazing fashion choices.

It is up to you to choose who had the best outfits and if you are expecting a baby tell us what you would like to have in your wardrobe.

Ashley Graham

America Ferrera

Kate Hudson

Kate Winslet

Eva Longoria

Kerry Washington

Jessica Alba

Jennifer Garner

Angelina Jolie

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Kim Kardashian

Meghan Markle

Anne Hathaway

Hilaria Baldwin

Miranda Kerr

Olivia Wilde

Jessica Simpson


Bryce Dallas Howard

Liv Tyler

Blake Lively

Natalie Portman

Chrissy Teigen

Which celebrity looks the best? If you were to be pregnant, which of the outfits would you love to have during that time? Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.