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21 Botched Plastic Surgeries That Went Terribly Wrong

The plastic surgery industry is thriving for everyone who wants to improve their look. Sadly we know that not every procedure goes as expected.

Implants can look completely fake, or too much filler is used and others are just perfect and unrecognizable.

If you think to go under the blade, take a look at these surgeries. Maybe you will think twice.

Wearing a mask?

She can’t even eat…

There is a time to say stop

Skull nose

What is going on with you guys?

It looks like she had an allergy

Maybe someday they will get rid of the nose

Can she even breathe?

Oh boy

Why would she do that

Just why

Free nose job


What was she even thinking?

She could have been pretty

It’s that a filter?

Like a caricature

Oh c’mon

Angelina Jolie from wish