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16 Pictures Proving That Celebrities Are Just Like Us

Celebrities always have been appearing that they are able to buy and do everything they desire. But the truth is they live just typical lives, baking pies, gardening, cutting their hair, and more.

We compiled some photographs that show our life is comparable to celebrities more than we imagined.

Arnold Schwarzenegger cutting his son’s hair. He appears to like this particular thing very much.

Shakira likes to paint her own nails.

Lady Gaga’s French Bulldog ended up in the wrong place I guess.

Gisele Bündchen is proud of her plants and likes to show them off.

Gal Gadot likes to use coloring books and destress between grueling filming days.

Ed Sheeran takes part in crowd shots and earns a few extra pennies.

Anne Hathaway always blushes before performing.

Chris Pratt holds his dream fish.

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