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15+ Women Who Ditched Beauty Stereotypes, and It Made Us Scream “You Go Girl”

Nothing wrong with my gray hair!

All bodies are great!

My mom hated her hair and her freckles and thought I have to cover them. Now I am grown up and I like them.

This girl wore her natural hair for the first time after ditching Western beauty standards.

I have struggled with my body, but later I realized I look like those Ancient Greek women statues, and I am okay with that.

A rare but beautiful couple!

Unflattering parts of my body, but I am happy to share the photo.

This is my first ever non-slouching proud selfie.

I had chemically relaxed hair for 15 years, now I am experiencing my natural hair for the first time.

Someone told me to embrace my inner curly girl.

My husband has always been shorter and thinner than I am, we should normalize that.

You have pores, not flaws!

Normalize your body parts as being natural.

After I was diagnosed with vitiligo, I have been called dalmatian and cow, so I was inspired by that to find myself!

My husband has no problem that I am bigger than him.

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