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Worm Symptoms In Your Shih Tzu? What You Should Immediately Do?

Your dog can be your best friend. For this reason, you take care of him and pay attention to any problems he has. You should know that in most cases, diseases need only a small cure. But first, you need to be aware of the problems that your Shih Tzu has. What are the diseases that bother them? Are any of these diseases what your dog is going through now?

Of course, your dog may have a worm infestation. Worms are annoying but also cause the dog pain at the same time. Usually, most dogs have problems with crime, and during this period, their body begins to give some symptoms. Since the worms that affect the body are different, the diseases and problems they cause are also different. You need to know the symptoms first. It will help you to react in time to prevent the disease from getting worse.

Dogs are often infected, and this happens for various reasons. Dogs are usually infected by worms when they live in dirt, when they are not washed, and when they mate with other dogs. The risk of becoming infected is greater when your dog lives in these conditions. Once you realize that your dog may have been infected by worms, you should go to a veterinarian. He will tell you what worms are bothering your dog.

Your dog will have some mild symptoms in the first few days of infection. But then these symptoms can get worse, and your dog may have a lack of appetite, dizziness, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. It indicates that the dog may have been infected by worms that affect the stomach and intestines. This condition is common in Shih Tzu who are infected by these worms.

The same thing happens with worms that come out through the feces. These worms also affect the digestive system, mainly the intestines. The vet will tell you what medications to use. In this period your dog needs certain food and a food diet rich in vitamins.