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Why Does My Shih Tzu Stare At Me?

Some see tzu phase this with most frequencies and other with other frequencies, but it is not enough to start charging at home. They keep looking at us like they’re expecting something. It’s not a different image because you can see that it fits in with your devotional form.

However, some dogs exaggerate: they follow their owners everywhere, staring at them steadily if the owner was holding a piece of smoked. Let’s get to the facts: the Shih Tzu love their owners, but when they look at us normally not due to extreme deviation.

Normally it is because of the fact that you can usually find something. Normally, this “thing” is a delusional petition.

The Shih Tzu don’t always stare at us for food

Shih Tzu’s also stare at their owners when there’s no food involved – nor do they expect to get any treats. On the other hand, the dog goes after the owner and stares at him to get any kind of reward: a joke, a kind word, a pat on the head, a walk.

I also have a chance that the carcass will be clogged with the form of an algae or that it has been updated according to instructions, as it has constant training. Some puppies may stare at people to try to know or what we are attracted to by wearing facial expressions.

Mutual exchange strengthens bonds

In any case, normally the donor is something good. By the way, most of the trainers encourage the dog to look at the owner before any command. And if you try to do that, you will definitely need to get your foot in the door for a moment.

Before the mouth of the isos, it is as if it were directed directly at us as you would see tzu can on the call to fight. The mutual exchange of glances can only be done when there is a healthy relationship between the owner and the dog. If you do not qualify for aggression, this article may not be recommended.

How to avoid what you see on the screen or fire extinguisher

We accuse people of wanting to do this before it happens, in fact, because they want to make the most of their time in the house. But, if you want to stay that way, see some essays:

When the Shih Tzu stares at you and asks for food or treats, ignore it.
Do not give him the treat or the food, nor speak to him.

When charging, you can call the bathroom, the kitchen , or anyone else in the attic, completely ignoring it. Don’t pet him, don’t hold him, don’t talk to him or exchange glances.

With time the tendency is that the Shih Tzu gives up. Mostly, I don’t want to say that you have to follow the voice!