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Who Is Daniel Craig’s Wife, Rachel Weisz?

Daniel Craig became a worldwide star when he starred as James Bond in his first 007 movies. He has been one of the best actors to play the role of agent 007. 

He decided that he won’t leave his money to his children. He was born in Chester, England in 1968, and after his parent’s divorce, he didn’t stop his passion for acting. 

His mother has an essay that Daniel Craig wrote when he was six at school saying he wanted to be an actor. The first act I did was when I went with my friends to the sand dunes and pretended we shot each other and rolled down the hills pretending to be dead. 

He got married in 1992 to actress Fiona Loudon and had a girl named Ella Craig. They divorced two years later. 

He dated many women until he met Rachel Weisz, his current wife. They amassed a lot of money and Daniel is reluctant to leave any money for his daughter Ella. 

I think inheritance is distasteful, my philosophy is to get rid of it or give it away before you go.

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