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What To Do? – My Shih Tzu Is A Picky Eater

It is real that your Shih Tzu may have some challenges, but more than that is when your puppy is a picky eater. There are different reasons for that, but important is to provide that and give your Shih Tzu the proper nutrition they need. 

High Calorie Treats. 

When you feed your Shih Tzu with many treats during the day, they would not want to eat after that and get the proper nutrition. 

You can buy low calorie treats that will not fill them up and at the same time will satisfy their taste. You can use snap peas, popcorn, or tiny parts of dried dog food. 

You should feed the recommended amount. 

Do not overfeed your Shih Tzu. It is important to keep a balance and measure how much they eat and at what time. 

Take care about the expiration date, it is just like our food. Do not buy too much food and store it incorrectly. As we humans do not like spoiled food, Shih Tzus also would not like to eat it. 

Store your Shih Tzu food in a dry and cool place, and open the container only when you are feeding him. 

We all fall for the new brands that look delicious, but you should see the price too. Later you may not have the possibility to buy these expensive brands, and your Shih Tzu will find it difficult to go back to the cheaper food. 

Be sure to purchase the AAFCO standards dog food and even prepare food by yourself.