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What Does A Shih Tzu Do When He’s Upset With His Owner

Do you know when your SHIH-TZU is upset with you? Know the types of behavior. When your best friend is happy, it’s easy to see: he’s happy, and loves to play and run around the house. But, what about when you’re sad?

He also demonstrates some types of common behaviors. Do you know how to perceive? Every time you notice him sad, give him attention, affection, and love. Don’t let your PET feel bored at home, take him for a walk and have fun with you.

Just as you get sad or annoyed from time to time, so is your SHIH-TZU. We all have good and bad days. In everyday life, the owner must be aware of the dog’s behavior, because he usually communicates in several different ways. What does a dog do when he’s upset with his owner?

They discount the feeling of sadness in shoes and slippers

Have you ever come home to find your slippers bitten or destroyed? It’s your SHIH-TZU showing that he’s sad for you.

destroy the furniture
Have you found your sofa bitten or scratched? Has your best friend ever destroyed a chair or made a mess around the house?

Stay in a bad mood in some room
Has your SHIH-TZU ever been sullen and quiet in the living room or somewhere else in the house? Did you notice him in a bad mood?

Don’t look the owner in the eye
When scolding, does your DOG look everywhere but into your eye? Does he look away when you talk to him?

disturb some other animal
Has your shih-tzu ever decided to bother another animal that was quiet? The cat was sleeping, and he decided to wake him up, for example.

They hide under the table, sofa or anywhere else. To come out of hiding? Only with a cookie, toy or anything else they love.

Bark until you can’t take it anymore
Shih-tzus begin to bark excessively and loudly. The more silence you ask for, the more they bark.

They make the famous poor guy face
You scold and scream, and then they make that poor little face that is simply irresistible. Afterwards, you even forget about the mess your best friend made.

Therefore, SHIH-TZU have all kinds of behaviors, to show that they are upset with the owner. Pay attention to the signals your best friend gives you during the day, and if you notice any upset, make him happy. Play, run and give a lot of affection, for those who will always be by your side!