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What Do Shih Tzu Dream About?

Like humans, Shih Tzu also dreams. During sleep, Shih Tzus need to rest for their immune system to work better. If your Shih Tzu sleeps regularly, its metabolism and nervous system will function properly.

Shih Tzus sleep an average of nine hours a day, but they can increase that time if they are left alone without the company of their owner.

Shih Tzus have two sleep phases:

Superficial and rapid eye movement (REM). In the superficial phase, the Shih Tzu is quiet and alert, has deep and rhythmic breathing, its blood pressure, metabolism, and brain activity decrease.

At this stage, the Shih Tzu may wake up due to stimuli. This period takes 10 to 20 minutes.

In the second period, Shih Tzu’s eyes move, hence the name “rapid eye movement”. In this phase, breathing is considered more irregular, rapid, and superficial.

Sometimes they move their ears, paws and even make some weird noises.

Shih Tzu dream

According to research carried out, scientists have discovered electrical waves in the brain of Shih Tzu similar to those of humans, thus making it possible to say that Shih Tzu probably also dreams.

The content of your dreams is still a mystery. One of the possibilities is that Shih Tzu dreams about his relationship with the world and what happens in his daily life.

During the sleep of the Shih Tzu, it is common to notice the contracted paws, which may indicate that the Shih Tzu is dreaming that he is playing and having fun with the owner or another dog.

Another very common type of behavior is barking, which can represent a memory of someone different who entered the house.

Thus, some studies and research report this type of behavior and its meanings as already described.

Shih Tzus can also have some sleep disorders such as apnea due to their flattened snouts. Another illness is narcolepsy in which the Shih Tzu suddenly goes into a deep sleep.