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Waiter Receives Heartmelting Letter From Teens Who Left Him Only A $3.28 Tip A Day Defore

Being a waiter is considered a difficult and tiring job. For this reason, they always appreciate a generous tip from their clients.

But there are all kinds of stories. The one we will see today shows how a waiter went through when he served some teens.

The teenagers had gone out to have a meal and it was their first time.

The waiter dedicated a lot of time to fulfill their need but he was shocked when he saw the tip.

They had only left him a $3.28 tip. It was a frustrating experience for him.

He took this opportunity to point out that kids nowadays are not being raised the correct way,

But it doesn’t end here. The teens, when they realized that their gesture was not okay, they left a surprise for the waiter.

They left him a note. They had written how much they appreciated their service and how sorry they were for leaving him only a $3.28 tip.

They explained that it was all they had left. They did not know much about what a tip was or how much to leave.

They felt horrible when they found out how little that tip was.

They left an $18 tip for the waiter along with the note.

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