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Trump Says Putin Should Release Damaging Information On Hunter Biden’s Business Deals

In this article we will see some new developments regarding the situation in Russia.

This time it involves former US President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has recently said that there has been a business deal between Hunter Biden who is the son of President Joe Biden and the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Trump also said that Putin needs to show everyone the information that he has regarding a strange payment made from Elena Baturina.

Elena Baturina is the ex-wife of a former mayor of the city of Moscow.

In his interview Trump said that Putin received 3 1/2 million dollars from Elena.

This strange payment was made public during the elections of 2020 by the Republicans.

The same Republicans have also focused on the role that Biden has played on the company Burisma.

Burisma is an energy company in Ukraine.

The statement that Hunter Biden gave recording this payment was that it was a false one.

Hunter Biden is being investigated along with some of his associates for a federal tax probe and allegations of money laundering.

Hunter has never accepted any of the charges denying everything and has not been charged yet with any crime.

Trump has made these comments while President Putin continues his attack on Ukraine, attacks for which Trump blames President Biden also.

Trump has been asking Russia to release this sensitive information and this is actually not the first time.

In 2016 during his campaign for President Trump asked Russia to release the emails that they had received from the opponent of Trump at the time, the Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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