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Tom Jones Speaks Out On His Health Following Rumors Of Him Collapsing Hours Before Show

Tom Jones has lived a spotlighted life. He became famous at the age of 23 after starting his own band. Now he is 82 year old and after the pandemic time he has started touring around countries but has also had problems with his health. He canceled a show in Budapest due to his health issues and has decided to publicly speak of what has happened.

As a child he was diagnosed with dyslexia and he struggled with it at school. At 12 year old he suffered because he was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and had to stay in quarantine for two years.

He recovered from it and at the age of 16 he had to leave school because he became a young father. During this time he was always into rock and roll sound on the radio. At 17 he married Linda and welcomed his baby boy.

But what about his health rumors of him collapsing hours before the show?

Soon he will be 90 as he claimed and hangs upside down. As he says it feels great. The doctor has cut down alcohol and only drinks one glass of wine or beer occasionally.

He traines and does a lot of stretching, looks after his diet and takes care with alcohol. As he says health is very important and it’s a gift that shouldn’t be thrown away.

As we said earlier he got back into touring but things got a bad turn for him so he had to cancel shows. After his wife passed away he was not sure if he would sing again, but his passion for music and his fans would like to see him on tour.

However it’s believed that he collapsed one hour before the show so the doctors were called to the stadium. But he claimed that he had been diagnosed with viral laryngitis so he denied collapsing. All the fans wish him safe and fast recovery so they can see him on stage.

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