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This Is Why Your Shih Tzu Sticks His Tongue Out

You love your dog very much. In many cases, it is up to you to understand how it feels. Shih Tzu is a very loving dog, and you will find it very easy to make friends with them. If your dog is going to have a problem, you will understand it very simply.

Your dog will move its paws, ears, tail, or stick out its tongue. They use sign language to tell you how they feel. You will be amazed at what your dog tells you when he sticks out his tongue.

When it sticks out its tongue, it feels good. This shows that it liked your food or caresses. Your dog also, when it wants to play, sticks out its tongue. This way, you will understand that he needs company. However, language extraction is not always associated with positive aspects.

Sometimes, your dog sticks out his tongue even when he is tired. With this, he wants to tell you that he wants to drink water or wants to sleep. Dogs can get tired when playing with each other, after a warm bath, or after eating.

If your dog sticks out his tongue often, you probably need to worry. As soon as possible you should go to your veterinarian and tell him about the problem. But first, make sure your dog is not using medication. If you want to send him to the vet, you can tell him what medication you are giving your dog. This way, the vet will more easily understand what the problem is.

But do not worry, this condition only occurs while your dog is taking medication. If this period lasts too long, then you should consult your veterinarian. The veterinarian may explain that some Shih Tzu keep their tongue out. This should not bother you, because it is very normal.

In most cases, Shih Tzu which, keeps its tongue out, is very happy. They are happy to be with you and in this way they feel good.