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This Is Why Your Shih Tzu Looks At You While Pooping

In case you’ve ever wondered why this bizarre behavior, you’re about to have some answers. Everyone who has a SHIH TZU knows this situation all too well:

You are walking your SHIH TZU when all of a sudden he stops and starts walking in circles until he finally leaves a little brown gift on the grass. But instead of fully concentrating on his task, he looks you straight in the eye.

But there are other possible causes. When they are puppies, most SHIH TZU receive extra affection from their owner each time they relieve themselves outside the house or in the designated place.

Once the learning process is complete, these rewards cease, but SHIH TZU never gives up hope of being applauded and bestowed with something. Precisely for this reason, he fixes a deep and pitying gaze on you when it’s time to do your number 2.

Another hypothesis is that he is seeking confirmation. “Can I do this here?” would be the question behind the special look. Over the years, it certainly happened that he was ready to drop a ‘bomb’ in an inappropriate place and ended up getting reprimanded. So it’s possible that he hasn’t forgotten about that episode and is afraid of making a mistake again.

In 2009, scientists conducted a study on eye contact between dogs and humans. In this way, they were able to discover that looking at each other produces a physiological reaction similar to that between a mother and her children.

This means that your dog sees you as a father/mother figure and you, though without thinking, see him as a child in his care.

Another possible cause is the SHIH TZU’s instinct to remain vigilant. The dog knows that in this semi-crouched position he is most vulnerable and looks at you to make sure you are also alert and will protect him in case an attack comes from behind. In other words: you are your furry friend’s superhero!

But science aside, maybe your SHIH TZU looks at you simply because you keep paying attention to him during this undignified act. In this case, your best friend could actually be making you a silent request: ‘leave me alone, please.

Could this be why SHIH TZU follows us when we go to the bathroom? This behavior could be clever revenge for the lack of privacy. After all, who likes to be watched when answering the call of nature?

All kidding aside, regardless of the reasons why SHIH Tzus behave this way, one thing is for sure: your SHIH TZU trusts you and sees you as the leader of the pack. With all this dedication to their owners, these pets deserve to be loved.

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