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This is The Secret of Beautiful And Healthy Shih Tzu Hair

The beauty of a shih tzu’s coat depends on its diet and health status. Having a shih tzu with a beautiful and fragrant coat goes far beyond the quality of the shampoo and conditioner used at the pet store.

Just like human skin, which needs to be well hydrated from the inside out to be beautiful, shih tzu also needs a balanced diet to have a shiny and silky coat. Finally, looking healthy.

It is GOOD to clarify, however, that even the healthiest shih tzu shed hair. “There is a normal hair loss that occurs when the seasons change”, explains zootechnician Tula Verusca Pereira, from the blog Cão Natural. But what is the function of fur for a shih tzu? Do short-haired shih tzu shed more than long-haired shih tzu? Zootechnician Tula answers these and other questions about our shih tzu. Check out the Secrets of beautiful and healthy shih tzu hair below:

The function of shih tzu hair

The shih tzu’s fur is responsible for mechanical as well as thermal protection, so all shih tzu have two coats of fur. The undercoat is fine and helps with thermal regulation, whether in the cold or in the heat. The hair itself is thicker and heavier. Only a few breeds, such as the Mexican Naked Dog, do not have any hair on most of their body.

shih tzu coat shedding

The shih tzu’s fur grows in stages and during these stages it can fall out, in addition, puppies also shed their fur suddenly as they reach adulthood. But metabolic diseases, drug use, or infectious diseases can also cause the fall. Another phase in which the shih tzu’s fur can fall out is the rest period when the shedding is due to stressful events such as surgery and illness. There is also a normal shedding that occurs at the change of season, such as from autumn to spring.

When hair loss is a concern

The shih tzu should be taken to the dermatologist when the coat is being malformed, which suggests metabolic and nutritional diseases. Or even when on the normal axis and clearly broken, as this suggests trauma such as licking or scratching. Already changes that show nutritional problems are dry, dull hair that falls out easily, with slow growth, and with change in color.

Illness and stress can also cause your shih tzu to fall out.

Long or short coat – Both short-haired shih tzu and long-haired shih tzu shed hair equally. However, in those with long coats, the fur that has shed curls around the other, while in short coats it does not have this subterfuge and needs to be brushed to fall out.

shih tzu food

Shih tzu hair is made up of between 65 and 95% protein. Therefore, the consumption of low-quality protein can directly influence the quality of the hair. To get an idea of ​​the importance of protein, small dogs such as long-haired shih tzus can use up to 30% of dietary protein for hair growth, while large, short-haired dogs may need as little as 10% of dietary protein for hair growth. the growth of the shih tzu’s coat.

Identifying shih tzu fur problems

For proper hair growth, sulfur is needed. Problems with your shih tzu’s coat can also suggest nutritional deficiencies, such as:

– Lack of omega 3 – Shih tzu with very dry coat, hair loss, and poor growth
– Lack of copper – Shih tzu with loss of coloration, roughness
– Lack of zinc –Shih tzu with hair loss, however, an excess can lead to problems in the absorption of copper.

If you notice any of these problems in your shih tzu’s coat, consult a veterinarian or zootechnician.

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