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This Is The Best Way To Clean Shih Tzu Tear Stains

Shih Tzus with lighter colored fur can develop tear stains more easily than others with a darker color. It can cause an unpleasant odor and people just ignore it. 

It does not harm your Shih Tzu but can discolor the fur. If you ignore it, it is safe, but there are ways to remove it. 

There are some reasons that cause tear stains but we are mentioning the most common;

  • Inverted eyelid
  • Hair growing close to the eye
  • Allergies
  • Ingrown eyelid
  • Poor draining of tear ducts
  • Eye infection 

When you have addressed the reason behind the stains, you can remove them. 

Apply one of the products we are mentioning to a clean cloth and wipe the fur with them. Be careful not to get any of them into the eyes of your Shih Tzu. 

You can use apple cider, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar, or milk of magnesia. 

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