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These Are The Top Shih Tzu Owner Mistakes

It is true that a Shih Tzu will make mistakes, but the same would you. Even dogs that are trained make mistakes. You have to avoid making mistakes and should be aware.

Getting a Shih Tzu without knowing about it.
Even if you are passionate about owning a Shih Tzu, you have to know everything about them to give them a life as it should.

Not investing effort and time in training
Potty training, house rules, obedience, No-Chew training, and more are imperative, so you shouldn’t neglect them.

Changing rules often
This confuses Shih Tzus, do not change these rules time by time, unless there is an emergency.

Free treats
It is not that good when you offer free treats to your pet.

Training Flexibility
Even if your Shih Tzu doesn’t like to walk, for example, do not make it a habit to skip exercises.

Focusing on Physic
It is true that your Shih Tzu should be healthy and physically active, but do not neglect mental activity.

Thinking that it will be ok for him to be alone
Shih Tzus don’t like alone-time. They will become broody when this happens frequently.

Not making your home dog-friendly
Your house has to suit your Shih Tzu, this will be the best for him, even with house rules.

Punishing your Shih Tzu often
It is fine to discipline your Shih Tzu, but making it often will never be good for him.

Physical Punishments
Not feeding your Shih Tzu, physical punishments are unacceptable and will make things worse.