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These Are The Secrets To Housebreaking An Adult Shih Tzu

To housebreak a puppy is so adorable, but with an adult Shih Tzu is another thing. Older Shih Tzus present a challenge to homeowners. 

It can be overcome if you know what to do. If there is another cause why your Shih Tzu behaves in one way or another. If there is a medical or behavioral reason, you can act according to it. 

4 Bathroom Trips

Let them out around four times per day. Take them to the same place because the scent will encourage them to relieve. 

Regular Feeding

Schedule your feeding. Feed the Shih Tzu with the same amount of food at the same time of the day. Take the bowl away if they have finished. 

Watch for Restlessness Signs

Shih Tzus will provide clues to tell they are ready to relieve. Let them outside when you see these signs. Crate the Shih Tzu if you are not around, this will help them relieve themselves until you get back. 

Alert Them About Bad Behavior

If you catch them relieving in the wrong place, alert them by clapping. Pick him and take him outside, after he finishes the business, reward him. You should alert them and not scare them or punish them.

Eliminate the Scent

Shih Tzus tend to go in the same place, if they tend to go inside your home, you need to scrub the area and eliminate the scent which encourages them to relieve there.


Do not forget to reward when he behaves correctly. This will help them know what is right and what is wrong.