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These Are The Best Reasons To Adopt A Senior Shih Tzu

When your Shih Tzu reaches seven years of age, it has entered its golden and senior years. Some may want a little more than that. Sadly, we do not see these senior Shih Tzus potential to adopt from shelters. They need a home, care, and love. But they are also good pets.

These are some reasons why we should consider adopting a senior Shih Tzu

They are not Problem Dogs.
A few Shih Tzus may have behavioral issues, but most of the Shih Tzus that end up in shelters, are for a wide variety of reasons. So they do not mean to have issues just because they ended up in the shelter.

Senior Shih Tzus are calmer and less destructive to home, also they play well will children.

Senior Shih Tzus need love too. They may have been abandoned, so they need love the most. You can provide it to them.

These senior Shih Tzus are familiar with commands, which means you will not have to spend time training them.

Your senior Shih Tzu may learn tricks just like puppies. Their Attention is even longer than puppies’.

They engage better in games, understand what is going on around them, and are a good companion through all activities.

When you adopt a senior Shih Tzu, you are partially saving his life. It offers many benefits to you and your family.