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The Reason Your Shih Tzu Goes To Bathroom With You Is More Interesting Than You Might Think

Anyone who has a Shih Tzu at home knows how good it is to be greeted in leaps and bounds, to be always well accompanied, and to receive lots of loving licks and nibbles.

A dog’s relationship with its owner is sincere and more intense than we can imagine.

If you have the sensitivity to know the signs of love that your pet shows throughout the day, you will see how special he is.

Understand What Your Shitzu Means When:

  1. Lie close to you

This is a clear way of saying you want affection, hugs, and laps.

When shih tzus touch us, they show that they miss us.

  1. Looks at you with a sweet look

If his eyes could talk, they would say “I love you!”.

According to researchers, humans and shih tzu are the only mammals capable of showing feelings with their eyes.

This is very precious!

  1. Always wants to lie in your bed

When you leave the house, your shih tzu will be alone, and will definitely look for your bed, as it has your scent and will feel safe.

  1. Follows you everywhere, including when you go to the bathroom

The dog sometimes looks like a small child that follows its mother everywhere, even when it’s time to go to the bathroom.

Experts understand that the shih tzu is meaning that he’s your best friend and that’s why they’ll do everything together.

  1. Brings you gifts

He can bring the rubber ball or a pet he hunted, understand it as a gift.

Even if it sounds disgusting, he means he’s there to protect you and to give you his best.

  1. Get sad when you’re not happy

You don’t have to say anything, because the shih tzu captures your mood.

If you’re sad, he’ll lick you and pet you – a perfect demonstration that he loves you.

  1. Licks you all the time

Not everyone likes licking, but know that there is a good reason for that.

When the shih tzu licks it several times, he manages to relieve the stress he is feeling.

Also, he feels loved, like a puppy.

  1. Prefers to receive compliments over gifts

He always tries to get your attention to get compliments.

Your approval is the best award he can receive.

  1. Gets desperate when you arrive

You know: it’s a sign that he loves you a lot and was missing you.

That’s right!

He shows as much happiness as a human being when he meets someone he likes a lot and hasn’t seen in a while.

  1. Loves to lie next to you after he feeds

Shih Tzu are afraid that someone will try to steal their food, so they eat in a state of alert.

When it ends, they are very vulnerable, so they try to be by your side because you are trustworthy.

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