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The Best Way To Make Your Shih Tzus Pregnancy Easier

 It can be the most beautiful but also the most difficult period for your dog. If you will forgive a lot of love, everything will be easier for your Shih Tzu. However, in the beginning, you should know that your dog needs more than your love. During this period, you should increase visits to the vet, check the foods that your dog consumes and take care of his emotional state.

If your dog can be pregnant, then he will go through these symptoms. You should send it to the vet immediately. At first, you will not understand it very simply because the dog’s belly starts to grow after the 1st month of pregnancy. But if you wash your dog or rub it, you will notice that it has swollen teats. Most likely this sign indicates that her body is preparing to feed the young. It is the most common sign you can see at Shih Tzu.

Try to give her healthy foods, vitamins, or foods she likes this month. Your Shih Tzu body should be strong before birth and after birth. You can’t forget that during this period your dog can gain weight. However, with a little walk in the park, everything will be back to normal. If your dog does not want to eat, this could be another sign that she is pregnant. Not all dogs eat the same. This way, you can consult a veterinarian, and he will give you the right foods and medicines that Shih Tzu should take.

If you want your Shih Tzu and her puppies to be healthy, make sure she drinks plenty of water during this period. But do not forget that you should not overdo it because it can cause other problems. If you want your dog to feel good, you can prepare a more comfortable place to sleep. In this period, Shih Tzu needs calm. You will see that she will start looking for a quiet and soft place to sleep.