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Stubborn Shih Tzu: 3 Tricks To Make Him Obey You

Does your Shih Tzu walk impossible and doesn’t obey you for anything? Put these infallible teachings into practice

To teach your Shih Tzu what is right or wrong, or even improve your involvement with the animal, we have prepared 3 infallible tips to train him.

1-Do not deliver anything without him behaving. At mealtimes, before giving the food, ask the Shih Tzu to sit or lie down. As soon as he obeys, offer the food.

2- Be firm, especially if the Shih Tzu does not obey or show stubbornness. “If he is not corrected for doing something wrong, he will never understand that he is wrong.

Scolding and corrections are only used to signal a bad attitude, but what will fix good behavior are praise and rewards.

If you have great difficulty teaching or dealing with your Shih Tzu’s misconduct, the ideal is to hire a trainer to guide you on what to do.”

3-Correct the Shih Tzu as soon as he does something considered incorrect. Speak correctly, without pity. “The tone of voice and posture influence a lot for the scolding to work”, he adds.