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Steve Wonder, Speaks For The First Time On How He Lost His Sight

Steve Wonder is one of the most famous and popular singers of the public. Although his songs were more popular in the 20th century, they are still heard today. In addition to his great voice, Steve can write his songs and will always remain a well-known composer. Steve Wonder has also participated in music, competitions, etc. He has received many awards. But despite the success of the singer, his life is not so good. He is blind after many years and had not spoken about it before.

After a long time, he decided to share his story with the public. The question everyone asked was, “What is the reason for the blindness?” Steve is a well-known singer who worked hard for his profession. In addition to his concerts, he played guitar and other instruments, such as the saxophone. This feature made him a well-known and well-liked musician.

Another talent of Steve was the music he made on the piano. He wrote his songs playing them on the piano, and for this reason, he made beautiful music. Steve is blind, but that did not stop him from making beautiful music. During this period, he took the most important steps of his career. He never used blindness as an excuse not to work. He always tried to write music, which became very popular.

But Steve was not born blind. However, in his childhood, something happened that influenced him even later. Steve reveals that when he was a baby, he had a health problem. During this period, he had to stay in the incubator to get oxygen. But the amount of oxygen was large, and this affected his eyes. In the interview with Oprah Winfrey, he points out that this oxygen had a huge impact on children. Even an infant who had been placed in the incubator at the same time had died due to oxygen.

Today, he has no desire to sue the doctor who placed the oxygen in his incubator. According to him, he did not do it intentionally. He feels sad that he does not see but is happy with his life. AI shows that his mother was very upset about this. But he thinks things happen for a reason.