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Steve Irwin’s Son Robert Canceled After Disturbing Clip Goes Viral

Robert Irwin, also known as the son of Steve Irwin, has recently gained a lot of fame on social media, due to a viral video.

According to some people this video is offensive but others think it is very entertaining. Not everyone agrees.

Robert seems to be following in his father’s footsteps and is becoming even more successful every day.

He is working in the zoo where his father worked and takes care of different animals. He and his mother care for many animals at one of Australia’s largest zoos.

But recently he got a lot of fame from a video that was distributed very quickly. Many people are horrified by his behavior. He appears in the video giving the show with a crocodile.

The video has been shared on Instagram. In the video Robert is teasing a large crocodile with a pen and trying to feed it. But as soon as the crocodile is eaten, he removes the food.

People call this mockery of animals and criticized Robert a lot. He was forced to delete the video. Although he was trying to get rid of the food, the crocodile jumped to attack him.

Others have supported him and congratulated him on his care of the animals. However, the majority reacted negatively and did not support it.

They say that he has made fun of kfahet and this is disturbing according to them. According to his followers, these animals do not live to entertain people but deserve to live free.

“They have to live in their habitats and live free. This is not the life they deserve. Do not make fun of animals. ” says a commenter.

However, there are people who think that he is a hardworking boy and is making your father very proud. According to them, Robert is very fond of animals.

Robert himself says that he cares a lot about animals and treats them well. Although they are predatory animals, he tries to find a language of communication to live with.

He thinks that animals should live free even though the work he does is very fun. He is very happy that he took care of the crocodiles that he took care of and his father.