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Shih Tzu With Down Syndrome, Understand What It Is How It Works

Shih Tzu Down syndrome is associated with some cognitive ability and physical development difficulties, and a certain set of physical characteristics caused by an abnormality of the genetic condition.

Although all animals can have genetic abnormalities that affect their appearance and behavior, Down syndrome was widely regarded as a specific human condition, as it is caused by trisomy 21, which is only found in humans.

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There are some rare cases, however, when certain dogs and cats don’t have the same glorious appearance as most of the species when they don’t behave like a normal cat.

Some owners call this difference Down Syndrome. But, can dogs and cats have Down syndrome?

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What is Shih Tzu Down Syndrome?

Just a way for people to justify their shih-tzu’s strange behavior
An anomaly is similar to Down syndrome in people. A genetic dysfunction

Shih-tzus who have the so-called Down syndrome have large, round eyes compared to the eyes of others, the shape of the face can also be different. They behave abnormally compared to others.

Shih-tzus can also develop the same health problems as humans suffering from Down syndrome, such as heart problems. Some have vision problems and weak musculature.

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Down Syndrome – Technical Aspects and Terms

Technically speaking, shih-tzu cannot have Down syndrome. They may represent the same physical and physiological characteristics as that of Down syndrome in humans, but it is not the same. They may, however, suffer from a genetic disorder or chromosomal abnormality.

More research is needed to get to the bottom of this syndrome in shih-tzu. As with any other animal disorder, it is best to know what it is and what it does to know what steps to take.

They need extra patience and a watchful eye to avoid being harmed. Do not subject your shih-tzu to an environment that may expose them to dangers, such as heights and aggressive animals. Do not expose them to electrical wiring and appliances.

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Also, make sure chemicals and other substances are out of reach. Don’t trust your ability to understand their instructions, especially things that could harm them. They may not have the physical and mental capacity that is needed to deal with these situations.

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