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Shih Tzu With Cancer Goes On His Last Road Trip Bucket List With Owner

Zanna Canavan had a goal to make her dog’s final days as great as possible. He had an aggressive inoperable form of cancer. She was determined to take her Shih Tzu Charlie on a great road trip in Northern Ireland. They would also have a book full of memories. 

Charlie became her companion with everything. He became a great friend of Zanna’s life. He started having trouble with his health. 

Charlie had cancerous tumors in his chest, neck, shoulders and back legs. Nothing could save him except painkillers. She was devastated by this news and decided to make his final days happier.

Zana accompanied by her friend Scott, together with Charlie visited some filming sites of Game of Thrones and other places. She went to the Titanic Quarter, Armagh, Newry, Newcastle, and more places. Charlie had the time of his life with all these places and was accompanied by Zanna and Scott. 

Charlie is still alive but his cancer has advanced. The painkillers seem to do the work but someday she has to let him go. Although they managed to have great memories together.