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Shih Tzu Negative Traits

Really the biggest negative point would be the shih tzu’s coat, however if you are one of those people who like to mess with hair this will not be a problem because the shih tzu’s coat looks like human hair

(often even better) and should be brushed daily and this could even be therapy, otherwise just opt ​​for a short coat.


Another small problem is that some have the famous Coprofragia (Habit of eating feces), but I warn you, they are NOT all and there are several ways to combat this bad habit, just look for the most efficient formula for your shih-tzu.
Their eyes are very round and out which can cause several problems in the corneas, so you must be very careful with this region, the hairs can cause damage in this area, other pets and even their own paws so always keep an eye out!

The acid tear is not necessarily a negative point only for SHIH-TZU this can occur in other races too but his genetics help!

Sometimes the food and veterinary care can help a lot so that your shih-tzu doesn’t have this little problem, but many develop even with this care, because genetics makes it easier for the eye to have a lot of secretion that’s what causes the shedding of the tear and darkening. the hairs.

As for diseases: The progressive retinal atrophy that can cause blindness is something that “can” affect some Shih-Tzu but this is genetic.

Some Shih-Tzu have breathing problems due to their short snout, as do Bulldogs and Pugs.

Like all dogs, the Shih Tzu needs a bath, but it’s not fortnightly or monthly, but weekly!

We recommend 3 at home and one at the pet shop if you are not a professional, which is why at the pet shop they cut their nails, clean their ears, do all hygienic, full service, things that are not always done at home.

It doesn’t matter your negative traits, because your shih tzu’s positive traits are far superior, that’s why we love this breed!