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Shih Tzu Barking: What Do His Sounds Say?

Shih Tzu barking a lot can be a sign of problems with neighbors and stress for the owner. But it’s also a sign that your buddy is trying to tell you something!

Barking is the main way SHIH TZU communicates. So, if he is barking excessively, you can be sure, that your shih Tzu is trying to show you that something is not right.

For those who are having problems due to a shih Tzu barking a lot, it’s worth checking out our tips on what to do!


Barking is shih Tzu’s main form of communication. Through it, your shih Tzu expresses joy, sadness, anger, fear, pain, loneliness, and countless feelings and sensations. Whenever a dog barks he wants to tell you something.

Excessive vocalization, that is, when the shih Tzu barks more than it should, usually means that he wants to express some discomfort – which can be related to frustration, stress, pain, fear, or desire to get attention. About each of these behaviors, we will discuss later.

When a dog doesn’t understand something, he may feel frustrated and bark excessively to express it. A very common situation is when a baby comes into the house.

As your buddy doesn’t understand the presence of a new resident overnight, it’s very common for him to bark excessively trying to tell you that.

If your shih Tzu spends a lot of time alone and confined, he may be stressed. Try to enrich the environment in which your friend lives so that he doesn’t feel bored.

Create stimulating environments that “challenge” your dog mentally and physically. Using interactive dog toys, for example, can be a great way to entertain your dog during your absence. Including walking and exercise in your routine can also help minimize stress.

Excessive barking can be a sign of pain. So, if your shih Tzu started barking all of a sudden, and with a lot of intensity, it’s worth taking it to the vet to have a professional investigate the reason.

Dogs are often afraid of things that apparently don’t make sense to their owners. And in these cases, it is necessary to investigate.

Usually, an object or situation can trigger excessive barking. Try to understand what it is and see if it is possible to keep your animal away from them.

Barking can also be a way to get the owner’s attention. Lack of affection, loneliness, and sadness can trigger endless barking.

Try to reflect if you have been giving your shih Tzu due attention. Walks and more time together can solve the problem of the dog barking a lot. There are several accessories for you to be able to walk peacefully with your shih Tzu, such as harnesses, collars, and leashes.

Shih Tzu barking a lot should never be punished or scolded. Therefore, if your dog is exaggerating in barking, it is essential to investigate the reason and try to solve the reason.

Barking is the main way to express yourself and scolding can cause your pet even more stress.

If you can’t identify the reason for the barking, seek the help of a professional. Veterinarians and trainers can help you find the reason, guiding you on the best ways to deal with the situation.