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She Weighed Only 1 Pound At Birth And The Doctors Thought She Would Not Survive

This is the inspiring story of a baby girl from India who was born weighing less than a bag but she managed to survive.

The girl’s name is Manushi, she was born at 28 weeks and weighed 14 ounces and her foot size was less bigger than a thumbnail. Manushi is now 6 month old and managed to survive.

Her mother got complications during her pregnancy and the baby was forced to be born before the due time.

Her inner organs like heart, lungs, kidneys and brain were not sufficiently developed, she was only 8.6 inches long and her skin was as thin as paper.

Of Course the girl got intensive care during the time she was born for the past half year. The hospital maintained her health until she weighed 5.2 pound.

For her parents Seeta 48 years old and her father giriraj 50 years old manushi is their one miracle. Her mother describes her as a fighter for her life until she made it.
Seeta during her pregnancy has suffered from high blood pressure and her body was not able to transfer blood to the placenta that’s why the baby was born at 28 weeks.

The doctors made an emergency cesarean birth and Manushi was transferred into a ventilator and took intensive care. Her chances of survival were 0.5% all the medical staff were in doubt if the girl could make it in this situattion.

Manushi got breathing problems in the moment of the birth and was placed on a respiratory suporter so the lungs could at least expand.

The baby got the chance to drink breast milk from her mother only in the period of 7 weeks and meanwhile she had to get minerals, lips, carbs, multivitamins that her mother could not give her naturally.

Thanks to intensive care she started breathing on her own and her eyes developed. The staff did the best for the little girl spreading a message too, to help the girls survive in Rajasthan where female infanticide is commonplace.
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