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Scientists Reveal What Shih Tzu Feel When Left Alone at Home

Few Shih Tzu owners like to leave their pets alone at home. But most have no idea how Shih Tzus feel when they are alone.

What does Shih Tzus feel when they are alone at home?

Previous research from the University of Bristol has shown that pedigree dogs experience more separation anxiety.

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Two leading canine behavior experts have revealed how dogs react to isolation.

The first few minutes of isolation are the most stressful for a dog, according to the researchers.

For some Shih Tzu, the torment lasts for hours.

According to the doctor. Emily Blackwell is an expert in human-animal reactions at the University of Bristol. Dogs know when their owners are leaving.

They learn about things that are routine before leaving. For example, putting things in the bag, picking up keys, or putting on shoes and coat. At this point, they start to get stressed.

Alice Potter, a pet scientist at the RSPCA Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, told MailOnline: “The separation reaction is displayed shortly after the owner leaves, often within the first few minutes, and can extend for up to 30 minutes”.

According to experts, the most common signs related to separation are destructive behaviors and various types of vocalizations (howling, barking, and whimpering), as well as defecating and urinating.

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Other less frequent signs include excessive salivation, self-mutilation, repetitive behavior, and vomiting.

The reaction in the next few hours of solitude will depend on the personality of each Shih Tzu.

Some can spend hours walking up and down waiting for their owners to come back. These dogs are often tired, and when the owner returns, they settle down to sleep.
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Some demonstrate their anxiety by constantly howling, with only short pauses to hear if the owner is coming back.

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Research about how Shih Tzu feel when they are left alone

Previous research from the University of Bristol has shown that pedigree dogs experience more separation anxiety.

It’s important not to punish your Shih Tzu if he soiled the house or destroyed something while you were away.

He will be more likely to relax when left alone if he has been fed and exercised before the separation.

Miss Potter said there are four simple steps you can take to help your Shih Tzu cope with your absence.

1- Encourage your Shih Tzu to go to his bed or another place he likes to stay. Stay there with him for a short while. Give him a reward for remaining quiet there. After he gets used to this action, move on to the second.

2-Encourage him to stay in that same place again, but now you are slowly moving away, then return and, if he stayed in the same place, give him a reward.

Research proves that Shih Tzus consider their owners as parents

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3-Repeat the same process and increase the time and distance according to Shih Tzu’s reaction. If he reacts or moves, then don’t give a reward, but go back to the previous stage.

4-Now you will walk away and start going out the door before returning. He walks away, goes out the door, waits for a little, and returns. Increase the period of time he stays away and always gives him a reward when he waits in place.

Shih Tzu are extremely intelligent animals, some may take a little longer to assimilate learning, but everyone can. Just be patient. it’s worth a try, for our Shih Tzu’s sake, they don’t deserve to suffer from the absence of their beloved parents.

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