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OMG! Follow These Wonderful Ways To Extend Your Shih Tzu Life Span

Dogs have different lifespans. But usually, they do not live as long as humans. Also, large dogs do not live as long as small dogs. It shows that many factors influence this. See Tzu lives an average of 14 years. A Shih Tzu at the age of 10 can be called an elderly person, and the oldest age to live is 17 years old. However, there have been dogs that have lived longer than that. For example, Shih Tzu, the eldest in the world, was 23 years old.

However, one of the factors that immediately affect the longevity of your dog is his health. The word health includes physical health, stress, emotions, mental health, etc. It is why your dog needs to be happy and well-fed. What researchers advise is a good nutritious meal and a happy life. These tips are valid for us as well.

When we talk about a good meal, we do not mean the amount of food. You know how much food your dog consumes, and this will help you always give the same amount of food. But that does not mean your dog consumes too much. Obesity and obesity are not at all healthy for Shih Tzu. If you are thinking about food, you have to take care to give it healthy and clean food.

If your dog does not want to eat food, this can be a concern, but only if it persists for a long time. However, the only solution to this is to consult your dog’s veterinarian. Shih Tzu has different ways of eating and has different tastes. It is important to follow a certain diet for this.

Remember that, one of the main reasons for living long is to get rid of stress. Try to understand when your dog is upset or where it feels alone and needs your love. However, Shih Tzu will not make this job difficult for you at all. They are very loving dogs. It is enough for you to let them have fun and enjoy playing. This way your dog will take away the stress and will feel very good.