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Nori, The Unbelievable Famous Shih Tzu And Yorkshire Mix With Human Features

She is successful on social media and on TV. Meet the dog Nori, famous for her human features.

Many people may disagree, but most netizens who access Nori’s social media pages say she has human features.

The physiognomy resembles several actors and other celebrities, according to the comments.

Other netizens believe that Nori’s face resembles some characters from Star Wars, the film saga by George Lucas.

Some think she resembles Chewbacca (Han Solo’s faithful squire), while others see a resemblance to the Ewoks (an intelligent race that lives in the forests of a moon on the planet Endor).

One way or another, always dividing opinions, Nori has remained in the spotlight. She has been “interviewed” on TV shows in the US (where she lives), England, and Japan.

Nori is an Aussiedoodle, also known as the Aussiepoo and Aussiepoodle. It is a selective cross between Australian Shepherds and Poodles.

The breed, not recognized internationally, is described as incredibly intelligent, playful, and loyal.

Standards indicate the Aussiedoodle for one- or two-person households, and Nori lives with tutors Kevin Hurless and Tiffany Ngo, as well as brother Boba, a Yorkshire-Shih Tzu mix.

The family lives in Seattle, Washington, on the North American Pacific coast, and everything would be quiet if it weren’t for the overly human face, always identified on the street, on social media, and on TV.

Tutor Kevin says that internet users’ guesses increase day by day, and currently opinions vary so much that the most quoted are Fizzgig, the friendly monster from “Dark Crystal”, and Harry Dunne, Jeff Daniels’ character in “Dumb and Dumber” (in Brazil, “Débi e Loide”).

Regardless of who (or what) she looks like, the tutors claim that Nori is very sweet. She wants to be friends with everyone, human and canine. Boba, on her side, is a little more stubborn, but they are great friends.

Tiffany told the Seattle Refined newspaper: “Nori and Boba are the best of friends, they are always together. They love playing with each other and end up fighting from time to time. That’s why everyone says they are real brothers.”

Boba is an adorable dog, but Nori’s unique appearance draws all the attention to her. Most of the comments fall on her eyes, which are actually very expressive.

But it is the eyes and the smile that are most often compared to humans.

“The eyes and smile are what make you human,” admits Kevin. “She’s a very smiling dog and her eyes have stayed the same since she was a puppy.”

Nori and her beautiful eyes have always attracted the cameras. Initially, it was neighborhood smartphones. In the first post in which she appeared, however, the dog leveled up: she went from local celebrity to global pop star.

It was not the owners’ intention to launch the dog into stardom. It all happened very quickly, mainly due to the responses on social media.

Nori, luckily, hasn’t changed a bit from the international harassment and probably has no idea of ​​the comparisons being made about her appearance.

The tutors created an Instagram account for the dog (which currently has 17,000 followers) and, in this first post, with four photos, comments about Nori’s “human features” have already emerged. Comments came from all corners of the world.

In one of the photos, hundreds of netizens tagged Canadian actor and producer Seth Rogen, stating that the similarity between the two was almost absolute.

The artist didn’t bother with the comparison: “I’ve been tagged by dozens of people saying I look like this dog. And I couldn’t be more flattered,” he replied.

People commented from different countries like Russia, Colombia, and Japan. For the tutors, it was very rewarding to feel that people were happy just to see the images of Nori.

“Knowing that someone on the other side of the world has fun, gets emotional, and makes a point of commenting on it is really cool,” says Tiffany.

“It’s great to know that our dog’s arts and pranks brighten someone’s day,” says Kevin.

“Many people comment that seeing Nori’s cute little face is a bright spot for the day. I am happy to hear that she contributes to positivity in this world.”