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Mom Assumes Black Mark On Daughter Is A Bug Bite, Days Later Doctors Say It Is From Black Widow

Kristine Donovan noticed on the back of her daughter’s right knee a purplish-blue mark and was concerned. She thought of a bruise but it started to become nastier and bigger. 

After that, her little daughter had a fever a few days later and she was rushed to the emergency room.

The parents of Kailyn waited a couple of weeks for their daughter to heal. It was a bite from the venomous and deadly black widow. 

It was the last thing we would think, said the parents. Doctors prescribed antibiotics and sent her home. She got intravenous antibiotics too and things were getting better.

Weeks later the bite started to get really nasty, and she was rushed to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. Later they diagnosed her with the black widow spider bite. 

They think the spider had come after they cleaned the yard and when children went to play, their daughter might have been bitten.