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Know The Main Habits That Every Shih Tzu Owner Has

One of the most common things you hear is that shih tzus look like their owners, both in their expressions and in their quirks, and how many quirks. The shih tzu owner is known for having peculiar habits, which are acquired over the years and living with the animal.

There are those who find some practices weird, others funny, but everything is very understandable, after all, the owner of a shih tzu has a relationship of love and care with the shih tzu so close that nothing is more normal than having quirks. Best of all, some of them are shared between the human and the shih tzu. Check out some of the quirks that most shih tzu owners end up acquiring.

Squeeze the shih tzu

Just look at photos on social media: Every shih tzu has at least one photo being squeezed by its owner. Clutching on the floor, on the couch, watching TV. Acquiring this mania is inevitable in the face of the sweetness of a pet hug, even if forced. All shih tzu owners have a Felicia side that ends up bringing a lot of joy – and a lot of squeezes – in moments of fun and complicity.

Talking as if the shih tzu were a child

“Who’s daddy’s, big baby?”, “where’s mommy’s big boy?”, “look who’s arrived!”. It’s no use running away or saying you don’t do it! Whoever has a pet usually has a mixture of a friend, son, and protector and ends up talking to their shih tzu as if they were a child. In the same way that parents talk to their babies in a child’s voice, one thing leads to another.

This is one of the most beautiful scenes of friendship and companionship between people and shih tzu, as it is a love that does not demand anything in return, totally detached from demands and judgments. The shih tzu owner can talk to his shih tzu, he can have his quirks without fear of being misunderstood and the shih tzu just love it. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a glowing eye and a tail-wagging effusively in the face of such a common display of affection.

sleep cuddling

Sleeping cuddling is one of the main quirks of the shih tzu owner – One of the most delicious quirks that shih tzus love is this: sleeping cuddling with their owners. What shih tzu doesn’t love jumping on the bed or couch and snuggling as impossible as possible? The warmth and coziness are not wasted and they are often excellent company in front of the TV.

smell bellies

It may seem strange, but believe me: belly smelling is a habit of shih tzu owners, especially when they are puppies. The round and soft bellies are inviting to ascent and infinite kisses. In this case, there’s nothing to prove that shih tzu like the treat, but they don’t usually complain. On the contrary, they play with their owners during and after receiving smells in the belly.

Vent and philosophize with your shih tzu

The maxim that the shih tzu is man’s best friend may explain one of the most common quirks that shih tzu owners have. In moments of confidence or sadness, and even joys, shih tzus have proven to be excellent listeners. They don’t complain, they don’t contest. They listen quietly, with attentive eyes and raised ears, to the secrets and outbursts of their friend and always offer affection to see the owner better. These are very important pieces to help the owner.

The best part of the habit of telling your shih tzu secrets or philosophizing about your anguish or existential crises? Make sure he never knows.

feel the icy muzzle

This habit has more than one reason. The first one is that the wet muzzle is a sign of health, so those who own a shih tzu eventually touch it to feel if their friend is showing signs of being sick. The second reason is that they insist on nudging their owners with their snout, touching it to show affection or attract attention. So the owners end up getting used to getting a few icy muzzle sniffs from their mate.