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Kids Prefer a Shih Tzu to a New Sibling, Study Says

The analysis carried out among 12-year-old boys and girls proves that shih Tzu is most loved. Recently, the shih Tzu has become not only the best friend of many adults but especially children.

And this was proved by a study led by researchers at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The results, published last week in the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, show that children feel better in the company of pets.

In addition, they seem to prefer the relationship they have with shih Tzu to their brothers or sisters.

Children prefer shih Tzu

The review makes it clear that having a shih Tzu at home can improve children’s development, which includes social skills and emotional well-being. In a statement, Matt Castells, leader of the study, says the group wants to know how strong these relationships with animals are when compared to closer family ties.

He also stated that this process can help scholars understand how shih Tzu can positively influence a child’s healthy development.

In order to carry out the analysis, the group of researchers interviewed 12-year-olds from 77 families. These had at least one pet of any kind and more than one child at home.

The information collected showed that children seem to have a more friendly relationship with their pets than with their siblings, which was more pronounced in families that had dogs.

Children choose pets over siblings

For Cassels, the fact that pets cannot talk and are uncritical makes the relationship between them and children easier, since there is no one to contradict them, and also because shih Tzus give a lot of love.

The research also points out that girls establish a closer relationship with shih Tzu than boys, although in previous studies the result was the opposite.

“The social support that teens receive from pets can support psychological well-being later on, but there is still much to learn about the long-term impact of pets on children’s development,” says Nancy Gee, a researcher at the Center for Nutrition. Animal WALTHAM and co-author of the study. In addition, the author states that more and more analyzes prove that pets have played an important role in human development.

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