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Is Your Tzu Not Feeling Well? These Could Be The Reasons

Your dog can be your best friend. For this reason, you take care of him and pay attention to any problems he has. You should know that in most cases, diseases need only a small cure. But first, you need to be aware of the problems that your Shih Tzu has. What are the diseases that bother them? Are any of these diseases what your dog is going through now?

The skin, as well as other parts of the body, is important. You may have noticed that your dog enjoys bathing a lot. Skin and fur care please her very much. But what do we do if it has skin problems? The easiest answer would be: Visit a vet. Your dog’s skin needs treatment and care in case we have problems. If it is not treated, it can happen that various diseases such as allergies, dryness, skin infections, spread throughout the body.

Some of the problems in a dog’s skin can also be caused by allergies. They may have allergies to plants or various foods, and this will cause itching or redness on the skin. Care must be taken to ensure that any signs of allergy to Shih Tzu are detected immediately. Some people say they are sorry they did not take their dogs to the vet as soon as they saw marks on their skin. Allergies can turn into infections. They are also annoying because they cause itching.

According to studies, Shih Tzu has more tooth damage than other dogs. Infected teeth accumulate infection. These infections damage the roots of the teeth. If this happens, your dog may lose his tooth. And not only that. He will also start to have problems with organs such as the heart, lungs, etc.

Your dog may need oral antibiotics or a mouthwash. The sooner diseases are caught, the easier it is to cure them. You need to send the dog to the vet. If he thinks things are serious you should not be upset. It is enough to pay attention to the cleanliness of the dog’s mouth. In some cases, dogs become operated on the gums or the bones around them. After this operation, the affected areas are smeared with antibiotic gel to ease the infection.

You can help your dog feel better by giving him lots of love. It is important that your dog feels good at home and eats well. If he wants to play and can make your house a mess, do not worry. It means that your dog’s health is good and he wants to spend time with you.