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Ilka Brühl Was Born With Rare Facial Defect, Now She’s Breaking Beauty Standards With Her Modeling Career

This is the inspirational story of Ilka Bruhl, the German girl with ectodermal dysplasia. She did not go through an easy adolescence but now she has become a symbol of beauty all over the world.

She has also become very popular on Instagram. Because of the problem she had with her face and nose, she did not look like everyone else and this had upset her a lot. Now she is successful and everything is going very well.

Even though people treat her differently, she wanted to be like everyone else and that was her biggest challenge. The genetic disease that affects his face has accompanied him throughout his life.

For this reason she did not have many friends and stayed only in school. Yet she was a very good student.

In addition to being a well-known model, she has also written her own books and helps young people overcome the challenges that life brings. She wants to be an inspiration to all those who are living the same thing as her.

She has undergone several facial surgeries to change the shape of her nose. But now at the age of 30 she feels very good about her body. But this condition has worried him more in adolescence.

No faced psychological violence and bullying. He calls the children at school insulting words, “Freak”, “Alien”. Some even called it “Pig Nose”. No it was in the spotlight and everyone was laughing.

After the operation she realized that true beauty does not look outside but inside the heart.

At first she looked like a normal child, but then the doctors realized that she was not breathing well and had health problems.

She did not like her appearance and felt very bad. She also reveals that she painted her face so that her mom would not post pictures of her at home.

Yet today she is a successful woman and inspiration to many people. She is married to the love of her life, Philip. Ilka is very happy and wants to share her story with everyone.

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