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How To Really Understand Your Shih Tzu’s Language

Sometimes we do not understand how our dog feels, but other dogs can understand this. It means that their language is special and that dogs have a unique way of communicating. How many times have you noticed that when your dog asks for food, he caresses you on the hands or face?

It is one way that dogs use to show their condition to humans. Shih Tzu is expressive and tries to tell you by all means how they feel. But this does not just happen to them. Every dog has a certain language of communication.

Of course, this language of communication is different for every dog. However, some actions that dogs do can be very similar. They use their senses and limbs to communicate. Sometimes they also use bark. But when it comes to communication between people see Shih Tzu use unique communication. Although they communicate with people with limbs, their friends can communicate with body language, movement, etc. Sometimes they also use sniffing to communicate with their partner.

Dogs also sense danger through smell. They do not approach places that feel there can be something dangerous. But in most cases, they use bark. You can see that the barking tone changes when they ask for different things. The same thing happens when dogs communicate with each other. Shih Tzu like almost all dogs use barking to indicate if they are upset, happy, scared, or anxious.

However, barking does not always indicate that the dogs are happy. They leave more when they feel the danger when they are afraid or announce that something is not going well. They may be telling you that they are afraid of something or feel in danger. You can tell this by the tone and duration of the bark.