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How To Help Old Shih Tzu Enjoy Life And Feel Young Again?

The dog is man’s best friend. They are important and dear to us. The dog is close to a man in its most difficult moments and its most beautiful moments. We do not want our dogs to get lost or grow old. This is because they are precious to us, and we do not want to leave them. If your dog is getting older, you need to make him feel better and not feel alone. Try to forgive love and take more care of it.

You need to understand your dog and give him love. A dog, when it starts to grow old, becomes wiser and heavier. You will understand this when your dog has less desire to play. His body will ache, and he will feel tired most of the time. Also, many dogs do not seem to see very well when they are older. If you are thinking about food, you are right. So dogs will eat more or less than usual. Some See Tzu when they get older gain a lot of weight because they are passive. Some Shih Tzu are weakened due to health reasons.

During this period, your dog needs certain things. It needs physical and mental care. You have to try to keep your dog energetic and active during the day. You can do this by trying to play with it or by buying certain foods. You can buy foods that give your dog energy and that have the vitamins he needs for his health.

In case your dog doesn’t like to move during the day, you can remind him of the games you played together when he was younger. You and your dog can run, exercise, or take a walk in the park every afternoon. That way it will feel better. This will help your dog to be happier and not gain weight.

You also have to be careful with food selection. Try to eat healthy foods. We advise you to choose the foods that your dog prefers. Cleanliness is also of particular importance. A warm and comfortable duo would do well for your dog. Take care of the cleanliness of its body and mouth.