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How To Get Rid Of Shih Tzu Slugs

When your Shih Tzu wakes up in the morning or after a nap throughout the day, does your Shih Tzu have a lot of eye blemishes? The rheum is a mucous secretion that comes out through the tear and accumulates in the corners of the eyelids.

Sometimes, the eye secretion is lighter and as it doesn’t get very attached to the fur around the Shih Tzu’s eyes, the smears can be removed more easily, but other times the mucous secretion is thicker and when it dries and stays in the Shih Tzu fur, creates a scab that is quite difficult to remove.

If your Shih Tzu is not able to eliminate the smears themselves with tears in a natural way, you should help him and clean his eyes well so that this substance does not continue to accumulate and end up causing him discomfort and visibility problems.

If you don’t know how to do it without hurting him, keep reading this AnimalWised article and find out how to get rid of Shih Tzu’s bruises effectively and without hurting him.

What you will need to get rid of the Shih Tzu

Physiological serum to remove the bruises
Cold Chamomile to Eliminate Your Dog’s Wheezes
Thyme to remove your dog’s bruises

Physiological serum to remove the Shih Tzu’s bruises

When your Shih Tzu has a patch and wants to remove it but it is already quite dry and hard, if you wipe the eye with a cloth it is likely to hurt it, since when it is hard what it will do is stretch the fur and skin along the around your Shih Tzu’s eye, resulting in severe injury to your Shih Tzu. To avoid this, it is advisable that before removing the sticks, wet them to soften them.

The best option to do this is to use a saline solution that you can find on sale in pharmacies. To do it well, it is advisable that instead of using toilet paper or cotton, you use sterilized gauze, also available in pharmacies, this way you will avoid any fiber or residue remaining in your dog’s eye.

Take a sterilized gauze and wet it well with saline, in addition, put saline directly in your dog’s eye, and with the gauze give a light massage.

Do not press because if you do, you can hurt your faithful companion, simply massage it gently and you will notice that the crust, when hydrated again, will come off more easily.

You must use a different gauze for each eye, never use the one in one eye to clean the other, as you will be passing dirt or some eye condition from one eye to the other. Continue doing this saline massage until both eyes of the Shih Tzu are clean and free of uncomfortable blemishes.

In addition, this saline cleaning will also allow you to remove the stains from your dog’s eyes, those that form when the eye waters a lot but the tear ducts do not drain very well and that stain the fur a reddish-brown tone.

Cold Chamomile to Eliminate Your Dog’s Wheezes

Another way to get rid of your dog’s bruises and which is even more efficient than saline when there is something else besides the mucous secretion, such as the beginning of conjunctivitis or an eye a little inflamed due to an allergy to something, is the cold chamomile infusion.

In the case of an onset of conjunctivitis in dogs, it is good to try to stop the problem before it progresses and starts an infection, so in addition to a medical treatment recommended by your trusted veterinarian, you can perform cold chamomile baths in your dog’s eyes.

In addition, if you notice that your dog’s eyes are a little swollen and itchy, it is likely that there is something in the environment, such as a lot of dust, that is causing an allergic reaction and, in these cases, it is best to remove what causes the allergy or get him away from the area and help him to remove the blemishes, reduce the swelling and itching of his eyes with an infusion of cold chamomile.

How to remove Shih Tzu bruises using chamomile

To do this, you must prepare an infusion of chamomile, strain it to remove any residue and when it is warm, place it in the fridge to cool for at least half an hour.

When the chamomile is very cold, take a sterilized gauze and soak it in the infusion, place the gauze over your faithful friend’s affected eye and let it act for a few seconds. Gently massage and you will notice that the crusts will start to come off and you can easily remove them.

With this remedy, you will be able to eliminate the blemishes, clean your eyes well and reduce inflammation thanks to the effect of cold chamomile. Cold Chamomile to Eliminate Your Dog’s Wheezes

Thyme to remove your dog’s bruises

If you don’t have saline or chamomile and you’re looking for an effect that not only cleanses but also disinfects and soothes your dog’s eyes, we recommend that you use a cold infusion of thyme to remove your dog’s blemishes and relieve his eyes.

Thanks to the disinfectant properties of thyme, it is advisable to use it if you suspect conjunctivitis, eye infections, or allergies, as we mentioned before with chamomile, as this will reduce the progression of inflammation and infection.

With a sterilized gauze, you can apply the thyme to your dog’s eyes with a gentle massage and then clean the crusts, which will no longer be dry and hard, allowing the gauze to soak the eye area well to de-inflame and disinfect it well.

Also, you should be careful when bathing your Shih Tzu, as washing his eyes with shampoo is not the best option as this product can irritate the dog’s eyes. But, if you decide to bathe him with some natural products for Shih Tzu, then it may be that some can be applied around the eyes without causing problems for them and, in this way, you will be able to remove the smears of your dog but to be sure you must consult your veterinarian first.

Important tip: In addition to using these remedies, it is very important to consult your trusted vet to check your faithful companion’s eyes, since when it is not about simple shivering from having slept too much, the health problem must be treated as soon as possible. before and prevent the dog’s eye condition from worsening.

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