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How To Change Shih Tzu Foods In The Safest Way Possible?

As your Shih Tzu gets older, it is the best way to change his food, to suit his nutritional requirements. It is very exciting to have a puppy and the most special thing is when you are his friend while he grows. This is also a little challenging because Shih Tzus have their own guidelines, and especially in food. We are giving some tips related to their food. 

Why do you need to change your dog’s food?

Why do we need to change our Shih Tzus food?

If your Shih Tzu has any skin or stomach problems, you have to consider changing his food. It is also important to match the food with the age of your Shih Tzu. Also, small Shih Tzus need their food changed more often. 

Shih Tzu puppies…

The first two months little Shih Tzus have to be with their mother. You can find milk for Shih Tzu puppies at the store, but their mother’s milk is the best their body needs. But it can be done with the milk bottles from the store. 

Solid food switching…

Switching to solid food from milk is not just a walk in the park. This process takes around 2 to 3 weeks. At this time you have to introduce your Shih Tzu puppy with solid food alongside milk. 

In this time you have to gradually increase solid food and reduce milk amount. After his second month in this world, he will be accustomed to solid food. 

You should feed your Shih Tzu puppy when he asks for food. Feed him three or four times per day. Even two times per day will be totally ok. 

Later when your Shih Tzu is a year to a year and a half you should switch to adult food. This process is gradual. Lower puppy food and add more adult food to his meal. This may take a few weeks and you have to be patient. 

You should avoid products that have meat by-products or corn as their first ingredient.

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