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Here’s The Best Way To Get Your Shih Tzu Back In His Shape

We know that you want your dog to be healthy, as much as you want his weight to be ideal. I can understand that. You can distinguish it very simply. Dogs need to eat healthy food to live healthily. Just like humans, the weight of the dog fits the size of the body.

But you have no reason to worry. Just as there is a way to lose weight with humans, so it is with dogs. Remember that your dog’s weight is also affected by his genetics. It can make it harder for him to lose weight. Some dogs can be small all their lives, with small bodies. It is because the parents of this dog had the same body mass.

But if you want a way to weaken your dog, we will advise you to do a few things. However, not all dogs are the same. Each Shih Tzu has the way of an organism different from the other. Therefore you need to choose away from losing weight that is suitable for your dog. First, you need to figure out if your dog is overweight or not. To do it you should contact a veterinarian or weigh your dog. Your veterinarian can give you the weight ratio with age. This way, you will learn if your dog needs to lose weight.

After contacting your veterinarian, it is important to start teaching your dog to follow a nutritious diet. If your dog is healthy you need to remove some of his favorite foods from his diet and put on the menu foods with vitamins and high nutritional values. One of the most important factors to losing weight is water. Teach your Shih Tzu to drink plenty of water. That way it will feel full and will not overdo it with food.

One of the most effective ways to lose weight is physical activity. If your dog wants to park, let it do so. If he walks in the park every afternoon, he will feel better, and the risk of getting sick will be lower. If you accompany him, this will be a good activity for both of you.