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Here’s A Few Times Your Shitzu Said He Loves You And You Didn’t Notice

We often don’t realize it, but it’s the simplest things that really matter the most, and, consequently, these simpler attitudes are perhaps the ones that show the most love, especially when it comes to a Shih Tzu dog.

But you probably didn’t realize or didn’t know that this was his intention.

Check out eight attitudes or gestures that your shih tzu has probably already done to show you how much he loves you.

Shih Tzu brings you ‘gifts’ like old toys or dead birds

They ignore you when you leave for work.

But they can’t contain their excitement when you get home

Shitzu always challenging you, whether to get the toy or run along with them

When they raise an eyebrow while looking at you

When shih Tzu leans and rests against your legs

When Shih Tzus take over the entire mattress and leave no room for you

The fact that Shih Tzus want to spend every second with you.

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