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Emotional New Confession Of Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin just issued his new statement following what happened after the fatal shooting that shocked everyone. 

His statement reads: “There are no words that convey my sadness and shock regarding the tragic accident which took the life of a wife, mother, and deeply admired colleague, Halyna Hutchins. I am cooperating with the police to learn more about how this tragedy occurred and I am in touch with her family, offering my support. My heart is broken for them, we all loved Halyna.”

Alec Baldwin has been in the spotlight since the shooting accident on the set weeks ago. He hasn’t faced charges yet, but he is getting support from all around the world. 

Even his daughter Ireland supported him, even though their relationship was very tumultuous over the years. 

When Ireland was 11 years old received a voicemail from her father. She was just five years old when her parents were ending their marriage. 

Alec and his ex-wife Kim battled for years with $3 million in legal costs. Alec described the separation and didn’t blame his ex-wife.

He had a great relationship with his daughter until she was 11 years old. He left an angry voicemail because his daughter failed to respond to a call, he said you are a rude thoughtless little pig. 

It changed their relationship because the tape was sold and released. He said later in his memoir that this hurt his daughter in a permanent way.

Alec Baldwin was given a prop gun with live rounds and no blanks, and that’s why when he shot he killed a female cinematographer and wounded a director on the movie set. 

Halyna Hutchins died after being shot on the set. Police disclosed details about the shooting. A 911 call from the set we can hear a woman saying, ‘We have two people accidentally shot.’ 

Baldwin was stunned after the fatal firing and asked, ‘Why was I handed a hot gun?’ The Special Effects and Construction Departments were staffed by New Mexico crew members and not Hollywood pros. 

A Hollywood armorer with more than 30 years of experience says that there should have been blanks in the gun. These should be checked before handing the weapon.

He also says that he worked with Baldwin and he is very safe and a total professional. 

Baldwin is not arrested and has not been charged. He was seen with grief and weeping while speaking on the phone. 

The incident that took Halyna Hutchins’s life after being shot on the set shocked the entire world. 

It was described as a regrettable accident according to the investigators, but new information can lead to charges of murder. 

This catastrophe left a great impact on Alec Baldwin’s life, and we can see it in his face, gloomy with dark circles. He cooperated with the authorities, but his acts don’t appear to have eliminated the potential of being charged. 

I have no words to describe my sorrow, he says. I have a broken heart.

He might face charges of reckless killing, as he was not just an actor, but also a member of the production team. 

He stepped away from public life and ongoing projects due to respect for Halyna Hutchins’s life. 

Alec Baldwin recorded a video and opened up about how his family has been.

He said, “I don’t have anything in my life that matters more than my family.” He is trying to work as little as possible because of his responsibilities at home. He encourages everyone to cherish their family.