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Does Your Shih Tzu Get Cold?

Yes shih tzu feels cold – With the arrival of autumn and winter, temperatures usually drop a lot. And at those times, it’s not just humans who feel cold, but shih tzu also feel cold. Sensitivity to heat and cold depends a lot on the type of coat of the shih tzu. In this case, shih tzu that have been clipped and have a short coat are the most affected.

Shih tzus can have symptoms very similar to the human cold, such as coughing, sneezing, fever, and lack of appetite. You can check if a shih tzu is feeling too cold by checking the temperature of its ears (especially the tips). When they have a fever, the muzzle is hot and dry.

To lessen the chances of your shih tzu getting sick in this cold season, follow some tips:

Don’t shave your shih tzu’s coat in the fall and winter months
Decrease the frequency of bathing your shih tzu in winter, especially
Use warm water to bathe your shih tzu
At the end of the bath, dry the shih tzu well
Avoid bathing him on the coldest days.

How to protect your shih tzu from the cold

At dusk, always prepare a cozy corner for your shih tzu to sleep in so he doesn’t feel cold. A mat or cloth are great option to protect your shih tzu from the cold. For shih tzus who sleep in “houses”, make sure the place is not damp.

Do shih tzus need to wear dog clothes?

Are clothes for shih tzu necessary? Although some veterinarians suggest protecting shih tzus with the use of “clothes”, this use can present some health risks for shih tzus such as hyperthermia (elevated body temperatures), allergies, mites, and bacteria.

Long-coated and overweight shih tzus do not need to wear clothes, as these two factors already keep the body warm. If they are – really – very cold, light-haired shih tzu can wear moderate clothing.

However, the most recommended thing is to leave your shih tzu free, preparing only a corner for him at bedtime, and avoiding leaving the shih tzu in open or humid environments.

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