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Black Shih Tzus And Everything You Need To Know About Them

Black is one of Shih Tzu’s most beautiful hair colors. In fact, the black color of Shih Tzu looks more on the paws and nose. Not all dogs have this characteristic. This color is dominant in Shih Tzu. For this reason, the chances of small dogs being born with black hair are bigger than those born with white hair. You already know that the white color of Shih Tzu is recessive.

This color is common in dogs. However, many researchers are not sure if this color is predominant. But in addition to black, another popular color of Shih Tzu is brown. Usually, Shih Tzu has 2 or more colors. The chance of having a dog with 2 or more colors is greater. The most common colors are brown, gray, black, etc. But you know that the color and physical characteristics of your dog come from his parents. Although some of them can change as the dog grows.

Many countries in the world show that color is one of the elements inherited from parents. For this reason, the black color of Shih Tzu is also inherited. If a black dog is paired with a white dog, the chance of giving birth to a black dog is 25%. However, this color is dominant and prevalent in dogs. Usually, Shih Tzu has black marks, large and small. However, the chance of giving birth to a Shih Tzu is small.

If you have a black fluffy Shih Tzu then you are in luck. You will find it even easier to wash your dog. But you have to take care of his fur. Remember that white indicates even the slightest impurity. You can also buy small soaps. These soaps will help you to carefully clean your dog’s hair and remove any dirt that appears on it. Do not use creams or whitening paints for fur. 

These can further damage it and weaken its hair. It is important to prepare the water before your dog needs it. We advise you not to heat the water. This can damage the fur and thus lose its luster. Undoubtedly for better advice, you can consult your veterinarian. He will tell you which are the most used and effective shampoos for your dog’s fur.