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Anna Kournikova – Tennis Star And Global Brand

Anna Kournikova is a young tennis player. She has been practicing this sport for years and was born in Moscow in 1981. In interviews, she reveals that she started playing tennis when she was very young. Kournikova liked the sport very much and her parents supported her to attend the tennis club in Moscow.

In her book, Kournikova tells about her passion and love for tennis. She also points out that one of her biggest supports was her parents. Its purpose was to inspire young people who want to practice different sports. 

She says that one of the most beautiful decisions in her life was attending a tennis club in Moscow. Kournikova later became acquainted with great and experienced athletes.

After this period, her life was strongly connected with tennis. She shows that she fell even more in love with this sport. Many things changed in her life. Kournikova grew every day and had new friends and new challenges. 

However, it has not been easy. Kournikova points out that life in Russia was not that simple. But she was lucky that a global tennis company discovered her talent and chose her to be part of the big games.

IMG understood Kournikova’s talent and gave her the opportunity to be a well-known player. In fact, she became a famous girl not only in her hometown. She was only 12 years old and could play with very famous tennis players. 

She advises young people to take part in various sports. She was a very beautiful girl and this was realized by sportswear companies. She started advertising sportswear at the age of 18.