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9 Awesome Things Your Shih Tzu Knows About You

The same emotional connections that shih tzu experiences in groups can easily be transferred to any other environment, including cross-species situations. To your shih tzu, you are family. It’s that simple. Of course, there are many other fascinating things your shih tzu understands about you that you may not even know.

Their abilities can be incredible at times, but there are compelling scientific explanations for your shih tzu’s behavior. Understanding how your shih tzu perceives you can help you bond better with your shih tzu. Don’t miss this interesting list!

  1. Does your shih tzu shih tzu know when you are sad

When you feel sad, your shih tzu immediately notices and adjusts his behavior accordingly. He may become more subdued than usual, lose interest in his toys and even reject his food. In an animal cognition study, researchers found that a shih tzu is closer to a person who is crying than someone who is humming or talking.

  1. Shih tzu can sense your intentions

We’ve all felt the quasi-psychic ability of a shih tzu to sense when something unpleasant is about to happen. Even before you turn on the shower or grab your towel, your shih tzu will know that you intend to give him a bath and will immediately hide.

  1. The shih tzu can sense the illnesses you may have

If your shih tzu has been paying special attention to a certain area of ​​your body, maybe you should visit a doctor to make sure everything is ok. Several studies have confirmed that shih tzus have the ability to detect certain diseases, such as cancer, through their keen sense of smell.

  1. Does your shih tzu shih tzu know when you are afraid

If you feel scared, your shih tzu will know in an instant. A shih tzu’s sensitive nose can pick up subtle scents like adrenaline, which is associated with fear and danger. Your shih tzu will follow your example and they will start to get scared, so if you want your shih tzu to be brave, you will have to set an example.

  1. Does your shih tzu know when you are being unfair?

A study in Austria tested what would happen if one shih tzu was rewarded for a trick, while another was not given anything for doing the same task. Dogs that didn’t receive a reward, and fussed at the sight of their companions were given treats. They responded by scratching and licking themselves impatiently. In other words, they recognized the unfairness of the situation.

  1. Does your shih tzu know when you are angry?

Owners who have been with their shih tzu for several years often don’t have to say a word to show them they are upset. When they get home and find that their shih tzu has been up to some mischief, putting their hands on their hips and giving them a disapproving look is enough to convey their anger.

  1. Your shih tzu knows when you have other priorities

Shih tzus who have spent most of their lives being pampered and adored by their owners understand, to some extent, if their attention suddenly shifts to a new priority. A new baby, boyfriend, hobby, or even a new pet can cause your beloved shih tzu to have feelings of envy and resentment.

  1. Does your shih tzu know if you are a generous person?

Just as we judge others based on their actions, shih tzus also pay attention to how you act towards others. An experiment organized by the University of Milan allowed dogs to observe humans in different social situations. Situations of generosity, justice, as well as kindness. It was also about the tone of voice, the anger, and all the things discussed. The bottom line is that your shih tzu knows when you are being generous and when you are being mean.

  1. Shih tzu can sense when a woman is pregnant

There are hundreds of stories of women who have noticed changes in their shih tzu’s behavior during pregnancy. Many owners report that their shih tzu suddenly become very protective, caring, and devoted. They also begin to accompany them wherever they go. They can also sniff your belly and rest their head on it.

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